The abnormally warm but glorious weather seemed to invite everyone and everything out to play. Jeff and I were riding our bicycles on Sunday. Just as we entered the Central Park South trail, Jeff spotted this little turtle. “Oh, turtle! I love turtle!” I shouted.

I thought about taking it home and keeping it as a pet…

But it hissed when I touched it! I never knew turtles could do that!

And look at those nails! So of course I changed my mind about keeping it as a pet.


Today was the first day of spring. It was 85 degrees…in Michigan! 

Photos property of The Travelling Chili Pepper

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3 thoughts on “Scary/Beautiful

  1. leena

    Haha!! Wow, I thought turtles were sweet and quiet. I guess it really is survival of the fittest out there.

  2. Jeff N.

    You forgot to mention that we came across quite a few small snakes

    • Leena: exactly my thought too!

      Jeff: Right, I did! We saw those small snakes. I almost ran them over with my bike. And then I almost stepped on them when we were hiking this past weekend. Dang! I should pay more attention to the trail 🙂

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